RG&C 2012 Garden Tour – Postscript

What a great day Saturday, June 23, 2012 turned out to be for the 2012 Roslindale Garden Tour.

We had wonderful weather for the tour, a great turnout of garden enthusiasts interested in seeing how the owners of the selected gardens had turned their gardening goals into reality, musicians in selected gardens enhancing everyone’s enjoyment of the gardens, and volunteers who gave time and energy to making the whole tour possible. We’re lucky to have a community like Roslindale that enables us to share with everyone what a great place we live in.

Here are some photos of the tour to remind you of the great gardens you saw if you took the tour or to whet your appetite for the next Roslindale Garden Tour.

South Stre...
Bernie and...
Josie\'s Z...
Buddy\'s P...
Southwest ...
Rowe Stree...
Big Back Y...
In the Sha...
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We want to thank the chair of this year’s tour, Sheryl White, for the enormous time and effort she devoted to making this tour a great success.

We thank all the volunteers who did everything from planning and organizing the tour to helping sell tickets, to willingly acting as greeters at gardens to help keep things moving smoothly, to soliciting sponsors and handling publicity for the tour, and myriad other tasks.

We most gratefully thank the garden owners willing to welcome our guests into their gardens.

We also thank the musicians who performed at selected gardens for the delightful addition their music added to the gardens in which they performed.

Our sponsors provided donations of money and goods which made the tour possible. We hope you’ll remember these sponsors when you are evaluating and purchasing goods or services they offer.

Coming soon at the Roslindale Garden Tour page: photos from the tour.

2012 Roslindale Garden Tour sponsors:

Primary Sponsor:
Christie Dustman & Company Inc., Garden Design & Maintenance

Other Generous Supporters:
Jon Goodhue Design, Architectural Services
Sacred Heart Church, Roslindale
Birch St. House and Garden
Joanne Rossman
Linda Burnett, Realtor
Roche Bros.
Sophia’s Grotto
The Cooperative Bank
Allandale Farm
Whole Foods Market Dedham