Plant Sale Goes Rogue-local!

Saturday, June 8, might have been the premier Roslindale Green & Clean Plant Sale in a long line of successful endeavors. They say you shouldn’t toy with success, but we did, and the results were wonderful. This year’s Plant Sale moved from Adams Park and the Farmers’ Market to the homes (and lovely gardens) of board members Jeff and Diane. It was, in fact, Diane who first suggested the “Home Driveway” Plant Sale last year, after we moved (literally) hundreds of potted plants and accessories from their holding driveways to the 2018 Farmers’ Market Sale.

This year, we had a dedicated driveway to showcase shade lovers, and two houses away, another for sun loving plants. Attendees hurried back and forth, stowing purchases in the their cars, shopping bags, strollers, or bike baskets. Selections ranged from the unusual to the stalwarts-sweet, miniature hostas to prize dahlia cultivars, catmint in bloom and a stunning, double yellow peony that was snapped up almost before it was tagged for sale. Indeed, buyers came before the official 10am opening, and as much as we tried to delay them, we fully understood the drive to obtain more plants. So, we did let folks in around 9:45am and by 11:15, we had sold 70% of our offerings.

Our board members staffed the Sale, offering advice about planting, plant habits and plant descriptions. The only thing left for buyers to do (after paying) was go home and begin to plant, adding to existing garden spaces or creating something totally new with the excellent buys from our Sale.

We thank all who came, enjoyed, and purchased. A bigger thank you to the people who brought us plants from their own gardens to contribute to the Sale. As always, the proceeds will go to improving our community’s green spaces.

And in a fine example of a neighborhood symbiosis of charitable works, Becky Paysnick and her two daughters, Amaya (7) and Zuri (almost 3), ran a lemonade stand in conjunction with the plant sale. They made around $19 – all of which is being donated to the Roslindale Food Pantry.