2015 Roslindale Garden Tour

2015 Roslindale Garden Tour, Saturday, June 20, 2015 10 AM – 4 PM

Tickets: $15 before June 15, $20 on and after June 15

Purchase Roslindale Garden Tour tickets in advance through PayPal.

(Be sure to print out your Paypal receipt to exchange for your ticket on tour day, June 20, starting at 9:00 am at the Garden Tour tent in Adams Park.)

Tickets also available in person at the Roslindale Farmers’ Market at Adams Park, Roslindale on Saturday, June 6; Saturday, June 13; and on Saturday, June 20, the day of the tour.

Want to volunteer to help with the tour? Click the button to pick a time and a task. Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Thanks to the 2015 Garden Tour Sponsors and RG&C Supporters

Gold Sponsors – $1,000

Linda Burnett, Realtor® Keller Williams Realty/Boston-Metro
Linda Burnett, Realtor® Keller Williams Realty/Boston-Metro

Christie Dustman & Company, Growing Gardens for 16 Years
Christie Dustman & Company, Growing Gardens for 16 Years

Mahoney’s Garden Centers: A family-run home and garden center with 8 retail locations in Winchester, Tewksbury, Wayland, Concord, Brighton, Falmouth, Osterville and Chelmsford
Mahoney's Garden Centers

Silver Sponsors – $500

Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Inc
Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Inc

Meetinghouse Bank
Meetinghouse Bank - Serving the Community for over 100 Years

Other Generous Sponsors

Hebrew SeniorLife
Hebrew SeniorLife

Birch St. House & Garden – Hand curated for you, your home, your garden
Birch St House & Garden - Hand curated for you, your home, your garden

Joanne Rossman – Purveyor of the Unnecessary and the Irresistible
Joanne Rossman - Purveyor of the Unnecessary and the Irresistible

Sacred Heart Parish, A Roman Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Boston
Sacred Heart Parish, A Roman Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Boston

Jon Goodhue Architect Craftsman
16 Lee Hill Rd
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 323-6997

Thanks to Our 2015 Garden Tour Sponsors and RG&C Supporters


Visit nine Roslindale gardens and an “urban wild.”

Explore a great neighborhood, including a terrific Farmers Market and a variety of places to stop for coffee or tea or lunch on tour day.

Proceeds from the tour help pay for maintenance and improvement to Roslindale’s green spaces.

Saturday, June 20, 2015
10 AM – 4 PM
Tickets: $15 before June 15, $20 week of tour

Tickets also will be available at the Garden Tour table at the Roslindale Farmers Market in Adams Park, Roslindale Village, on the two Saturdays preceding the tour (June 6 and June 13) between 9 am and 1 pm.

On tour day, June 20, 2015, tickets will be available for purchase at the Garden Tour table at the Roslindale Farmers Market starting at 9am (tickets will be sold only until 3pm on the day of the tour).

Gardening in the Square

Thank you to the volunteers who once again in 2014 enabled Roslindale Green & Clean to maintain our plantings in Roslindale Village.

Special thanks to Stephen Smith for the work he has done to make and keep Savage Mini Park such an attractive spot in Roslindale.

June 8: Greater Boston Open Day

On Sunday, June 8, 2014, Alexander the Great Park (designed and maintained by RG&C) will be featured in Garden Conservancy’s Greater Boston Open Day.

Before becoming Alexander the Great Park, this pocket park was a gas station. In 2007, Roslindale Green & Clean redesigned and planted Alexander the Great Park, working in conjunction with the park’s steward organization, St. Nectarios Church, and Roslindale Village Main Street. It took almost an entire year to design, conduct public meetings, and plant the previously spare and underutilized public space. This stunning planting of kousa dogwoods, hornbeams, lavender, and daylilies provides a grand entry to Roslindale. Roslindale Green & Clean developed a palette of plants for use in this and several other pocket parks the organization designed and maintains. All of these can be seen in a short walk around Roslindale Square.

Hours: Special Open Day, Sunday, June 8, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission: Free

June 14: RG&C Plant Sale

Join us at the Roslindale Farmers Market on Saturday, June 14th beginning at 9 AM and going to 1:30 (or until we sell out). We will be offering a wide variety of sun and shade plants, including shrubs, perennials, vines, ground covers, and even some vegetables. All will be sold at very attractive prices and the proceeds will benefit Roslindale Green & Clean, the organization that, among other projects, maintains many of the green spaces around Roslindale Square. Knowledgeable staffers will be on hand to help customers make the right choices for their gardens. The Farmers Market will be at the Roslindale Village Commuter Rail Station for several weeks this summer while renovations are happening at Adams Park.

Anyone wishing to contribute plants to the sale but needing pots can get them for free from us until Sunday, June 8. We ask that donations be delivered to us by Wednesday, June 11. For information on where to pick up containers or drop off donations and for any questions about the sale, please e-mail us at rgc.plantsale@gmail.com.

Get a Tree from RG&C

Application for a Tree

In support of Roslindale Green & Clean’s (RG&C) mission to make Roslindale a greener community, we’re offering you the chance to get a free tree in return for your help and commitment to plant it and care for it in the years to come. Our goal is to plant trees in Roslindale that will be well taken care of and live many years into the future. You don’t need any prior gardening experience, just a willingness to commit to watering the tree regularly, particularly during its first season in the ground.

We’re looking for homeowners, renters, churches, schools, businesses and others who want to plant a tree on their property in a publicly visible place that has the space and sight lines to support a tree intended both to bring pleasure and shade to its owner and to let passers-by enjoy its presence.

Here’s what you need to be eligible to get a free tree from RG&C:

  • Interest in having a tree in your front yard or other location that’s publicly visible.
  • A minimum of 36 square feet (6′ by 6′ square) of ground space.
  • Ability to water weekly for the first spring and summer and as needed after that.
  • A commitment to the care and maintenance of the tree over its life of many years.

Please note that RG&C will not be planting sidewalk trees – the City of Boston handles all sidewalk trees.

If you are willing and able to commit to being a responsible tree owner and RG&C approves your application for a tree, RG&C will:

  1. Provide you with an appropriate tree for your site.
  2. Assist you with planting your tree.
  3. Teach you how to care for and water your tree.

Because we have a limited number of trees to offer at this time, RG&C will select tree sites based on its assessment of which applications will have the greatest benefit to Roslindale as a whole.

Application for a Tree

Roslindale Green & Clean’s “Instant Make-Over” at Roslindale Village Commuter Rail Station

Roslindale Green & Clean’s “Instant Make-Over” of Roslindale Village Site:
Trees and Shrubs Installed with Beautify Boston Grant

On Saturday May 5, Roslindale Green & Clean volunteers and “The Green Dragons” transformed a public space in Roslindale Village in a day of community gardening. Participants removed half dead trees, rangy roses, and weedy grass and replaced them with drought tolerant and attractive trees and low growing shrubs. Mulch was installed to hold soil in place, control weeds and help retain moisture.

Roslindale Green & Clean (RG&C) received a $5,000 Beautify Boston grant from the City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department to replant this highly visible green space adjacent to the lower parking lot at the MBTA Roslindale Village Commuter Rail Station. The plants were chosen to provide beautiful fall color as well as spring and summer beauty. The slope is located directly across the street from another RG&C green space, Savage mini-park, located in front of Joanne Rossman Designs and the Emerald Society.

In a unique partnership, RG&C hired “The Green Dragons”, a group of martial arts students from Yang’s Martial Arts Studio, who are raising funds for a trip to China and are making a documentary of their adventure. These energetic young men provided the muscle and enthusiasm to dig the holes, plant dozens of shrubs and 4 ginko trees, and spread 10 yards of mulch after the plantings were installed.

Other project partners included the City of Boston Parks & Recreation Department, and the MBTA. Centre Cuts, located across from the planting site, provided access to their outdoor water spigot which was critical for getting water to the site to irrigate the new plantings. RG&C volunteers who also assisted in the planting day included Gerard O’Connor, Stephen Smith, Joan Linden, Nancy Leask, Brooke Nash, and Maggie Redfern, Sue Pfieffer and Kit Ganshaw.

Landscape architect Nancy Leask, who did the design and plans for the project, said, “Roslindale Green & Clean is proud of this new project and the beautification it brings to this highly visible spot in Roslindale Village.

Ongoing watering this season will help the plants get through their critical first year of life. Residents who are interested in helping to keep the new tree and plants watered this season should contact Roslindale Green & Clean at rgc.treeplanting@gmail.com

Roslindale Green & Clean is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to greening Roslindale’s public spaces. RGC also hosts the bi-annual Roslindale Garden Tour and does neighborhood tree plantings.

We are grateful for coverage of this “instant make-over” by Wicked Local Roslindale and by the Jamaica Plain Gazette.